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California Market Update

Posted by on June 7, 2019
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The California Housing Market Update
San Mateo Housing Market Update

According to the California Housing Market Update, which was just published, monthly sales and price statistics for April 2019 shows some good and not so good for the real estate market. Making informed decisions on buying and selling real estate is one of the take-aways from this report.

Some concerns for the market

  • Sales falling on monthly and annual basis in California
  • Price growth has slowed
  • Buyer demand has softened
  • Market may be less competitive for sellers of homes

Why we should view the above concerns with caution

  • Economy is still growing & most people have jobs
  • Affordability might improve, with the interest rates helping
  • Most people still WANT to be homeowners
  • No impending doom on horizon of leading data

The 63 page California Housing Market Update also answers questions (statistically), on the following questions we want to know about:

Is it a good time to buy? Is it a good time to sell? Is there an impending collapse of the real estate market? How does future price growth look? How does the luxury and lower end of the real estate market look?

If you want a copy of the report, please send your request by email to: and call me at any time to pick my brain (real-estate wise) at (650) 483-4932.

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